Top 10 Reason To Hydroponic Indoor Vegetable Gardening

Top 10 Reason To Hydroponic Indoor Vegetable Gardening

Reason To Hydroponic Indoor Vegetable Gardening

Hydroponic indoor gardening is a serious, busy business, which means we all need to take time to have a little fun with Hydroponics once in awhile. Most people talk about the health benefits, water conservation, healthier and larger plants that can be grown, which are definitely advantages to indoor vegetable gardening with water.

But I have found that some of the simpler and basic reasons for indoor gardening are some of the most logical, therefore a little crazy, advantages that will really sway gardeners to take that chance and move their gardens indoors. So let’s have fun!

These are my top 10 reasons why I enjoy growing plants indoors:

  1. Do not have to go outdoors to admire my green thumb
  2. My Hydroponic plants are better to look at than silk plants
  3. No dirt under my fingernails
  4. Those pesky, cute rabbits do not eat my lettuce before I do
  5. I love scrambled egg and homegrown tomato sandwiches (doesn’t everyone?)
  6. No farmers tan (yes, I grew up on a farm)
  7. Don’t get all sweaty pulling weeds, shoveling and tilling the garden
  8. Can watch my baseball games and tend to my plants at the same time
  9. My hair does not get wind blown or pooped on by birds flying by
  10. No bumble bees (did I mention I’m a girl?)

Wow, if these advantages don’t convince you that Hydroponic Indoor Vegetable Gardening is better than soil gardening, I don’t know what would! Now that I have had my fun, I will be back again to share my serious thoughts and facts on Hydroponic Gardening Advantages.

Let me know what your fun Advantages are so I can add them to the list. Maybe we can together make it the Top 20 or 30 FUN Hydroponic Indoor Gardening Advantages !

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