Vertical flower bed for giving

Vertical flower bed for giving

Made a vertical flower garden – flower bed for the garden. Flower garden can be done in a few hours. He needs to be allowed to stand for 1-2 days, so that the earth would be a little thicker. Then you can plant flowers. For the manufacture of vertical flower beds you will need:

• Metal grid;

• Plastic bucket;

• Plastic tube;

• Wire;

• Thick film;

• Stones.

Watering a flower bed is necessary by pouring water into the pipe, through the holes the water will gradually moisten the ground. After 2-3 weeks the flower garden will grow and will be very beautiful. It is better to fill the flower garden with earth on the place where it will stand, otherwise it will be difficult to move it later, as it turns out to be heavy. Instead of a plastic bucket, you can use a large flower pot.

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