10 Flowers Should Be Planted In Winter

10 Flowers Should Be Planted In Winter

Each season of the year has its own climate characteristics, so the flowers for each season are also different. Let Envigreen learn the kinds of flowers that are not only cold-loving, easy to live but also brightly colored, dispel the gloom and coldness of the winter, making your home become more lively and warm every day.

1. Flower Petunia


Flower yogurt workshop has another name: Flower Petunia, petal flower, petal flower. The oatmeal is a fragile but resilient winter flower. The oatmeal is a herbaceous plant, belongs to the tomato family, blooms all year round but is most brilliant in the cold winter.

How to care:

– 1. Flower Petunia is light-loving tree. Water regularly and moderately, not too much, but not too dry.

– The oatmeal has flowers continuously, from one batch to the next, easy to find varieties, easy to grow and take care of.

– Just 2 days, you water the plants once, pick up dry and withered oat leaves because it will make the tree waterlogged for a long time.

– When planting trees, you should also pay a little attention to the weather of the day, if it is sunny or heavy rain, you should “move” the tree into the house to make sure the plants and flowers are better longer.

Flower petals - Rebuild Garden


Flower petals - Rebuild Garden

2.Impatiens Plant

Impatiens is very suitable for garden decoration. Impatiens is a semi-glossy and well-adapted plant in conditions that are not too intense, so you can plant it under a shade tree, just decorate and protect the tree. In addition, you can plant hanging plants decorated with awnings, balconies or terraces. The tree is also a very popular ornamental flower growing for landscaping works, urban campuses …

How to care:

Water once a day in the evening in the winter. When flowering plants need to increase the amount of water to irrigate the plants, not watering the flowers. Dispose of old leaves, let the flower pots clear and prevent pests.

Impatiens is very suitable for garden decoration

3. Geranium

Geraniums are increasingly grown in families in tropical and subtropical climates. Geraniums are popular because they come in many different colors to suit each person’s preferences. If the geranium is dark and symbolizes the mystery, the red or pink geranium, with its fragrant aroma, symbolizes love. Currently, in Vietnam, the very favorite brothels grown by the sisters in the balcony bring a brilliant look to the cold winter.

How to care:

– Fertilizing: Geranium suitable for planting in pots, hanging rolls. In order to make plants bloom brilliantly throughout the season, you should apply fertilizer every 2-4 weeks.

– Water content: Geranium does not require much water so only 1-2 days of watering is required when the ground is dry to avoid root rooting. However, if there is a lot of deciduous trees, then there is a shortage of water.

– Lighting: Geraniums live well in bright or semi-sunny conditions, semi-shady.

– Time of flowering: Flowers bloom many times from winter to summer; and will return when cold air comes. Each flower starts from the beginning of hatching until it lasts more than 2 weeks. After flowering, use a sharp knife to cut the stem close to the root, remove the old leaves, stir up the gourd, apply more fertilizer, water enough to continue to sprout for the new flowers.

Time of flowering: Flowers bloom many times from winter to summer

4. Chicken crest

Chicken crest is very easy to grow and very durable. Just sow the chicken crested seed in the moist soil after 1 week is the seedling has sprouted. When the seedlings are about 6cm, then plant them in pots.

Raising chickens grows in a dry, well-light atmosphere, sandy soil, and a lot of humus. They give the best flowers in the winter-spring season. For the best big crayon flowers, you should regularly prune the weak, young shoots. Intercropping with many different kinds of chicken crayons such as red, pink, yellow, orange … your garden will be brilliant and attractive.

How to care:

– It is recommended to press on the plant stage 30, 40 cm high so that the tree does not exceed the level and help the axillary buds grow to make cotton later will be face and beautiful.

– Want to have big flowers, pruning all the sprout that grows in leaf axils and greens.

– Watering: Water just enough moisture, water too much water will adversely affect the tree.

5. Types of chrysanthemums

Chrysanthemum is a tree with horizontal bunch roots, mainly in shallow soil of 5-20 cm and suitable for loose soil. When planting, avoid low-lying, humid, squash, and sour areas that will make root systems less developed. Chrysanthemum will bloom best in the cool afternoon in low rainfall conditions.

Chrysanthemum is a tree with horizontal bunch roots

Money daisies – the flower symbolizes the sun, for a strong rise

6. Dahlia flowers

Dahlia is a flower suitable for all climates and tolerates very high cold. Flowers flourish and show off in the winter, Flowers have a sense of happiness for families so flowers are chosen by many families to plant balconies with the hope that flowers bring joy, happiness, warmth family in the cold winter.

How to care:

– Planting soil: For dahlia plants grown in flower pots, users should choose garden soil or black soil for sandy plants to provide the best and most suitable nutrition for plants to grow. integrity.

– Fertilizer: Can use decomposed compost, manure and cold soil. For top dressing, chemical fertilizers, fish feces or thick cakes can be used. At the time of planting, you can apply basal fertilizer to facilitate the initial nutrition for the plant. When fertilizing, it is also important to note that good or bad plants are easier to apply. Mainly after 20-25 days after planting for growing plants, if necessary, apply 1 to 2 times more than bud-bearing plants to provide nutrition for flowering plants.

– Light: Dahlia can be exposed to 100% light. However, if there is not enough space to place a tree outside the window, or a balcony. At the time of growing plants need to bring your beautiful flower pot to a cold and dark place so that the tree can prepare a bud

– Watering: Dahlia can be more wet so it can be watered twice a day. Because it is a succulent plant, it is necessary to water in the morning and afternoon to avoid sunburn, to produce cancer.

– Pest control: Dahlia flower pots are easily attacked by leaf-eating worms, leaf-worms and can be spread by fungi. Leaf spot disease also often occurs in the rainy season, yellow dots appear on the leaves, then spread into round brown, can be used with 0.5% or zineb 0.1% water to prevent.

7. Astral

In the house-grown flowers typical of the winter, the Purple Dragon (also known as African Violet) is super easy to grow, suitable for both children and pets. Zi Lan Lan lives well in a humid and bright environment (indirect light). Many women share that they do not need to water every day but put pots on a plate or tray full of water. The most favorite colors are purple, pink or white.

How to care:

Fertilization: The most suitable fertilizer is fertilizer N: P: K rate 30:10:10 or 20:20:20. Orchids need very little fertilizer, so only use the dose of 1/4 dose as directed on the label of fertilizers for each time from 10 to 15 days.

– Light: The element of the loris is suitable for shade (indoors), cannot withstand direct light. After 3 to 4 months of planting, the plant starts to bud and flower. During flowering, plants need more light. Flowers are bigger and more beautiful and the intensity of light for trees (using light in the house) is from 2 to 3 hours a day in the evening.

– Temperature: When flowering, the cooler the temperature, the better. During this period, it is recommended to enhance the spraying of trees (in the case of gardening) or to place trees in a cool place (where the temperature is below 30 degrees C).

8. Coconuts

Periwinkle is a herbaceous plant that is quite easy to grow, but besides being able to withstand drought, the tree will die if flooded. So you just need to take care with watering the garden with a mist sprayer every morning and afternoon. This is a flowering tree with many colors from white, pink, red, purple … so when the tree blooms, it will give you a quite interesting feeling.

How to care:

– Watering: water enough with a mist sprayer twice a day in the morning and afternoon. It is about 1 month from sowing to planting and then planting, then the tree is young and growing very slowly.

– Light: When striking the pot, the tree will grow very fast and lay many branches. In the nursery stage, flower players should leave the plants with enough light and cover to easily control the humidity and temperature, helping plants grow better.

– Fertilizing: caregivers of plants should use flower nourishing fertilizer to support flowers, making flowers have colorful and long-lasting color. The dose used for each time is a small coffee spoon, using fertilizer when the plant has just flower buds, mixed 0.5-1 teaspoons / 1 liter of water spray. Growers should periodically spray every 7-10 days.

9. Customs clearance

Beautiful begonia easy to take care of and reward growers of lovely colorful flowers. Suitable temperature for plants to grow from 18 – 25oC so winter can fully plant in rooms, exposed to fluorescent lights. In summer, the trees still flower in the shade with good ventilation. When you need seaweed, remember to avoid over watering them because they like dry soil.

How to care:

– Thu Hai Duong likes scattered light, so it has to be covered. From planting until the tree is 0.8 m to 1m high, once a month for fertilizer application. Use soapy water or sump water, dilute with 3 to 4 parts evenly. 18 months later, there are flowers, and after 2 years, Hai Duong will be sold. Big trees must take 3 – 4 years to have many beautiful flowers.

– Common pests and diseases: Hai Duong usually has aphids that inflate the leaves, from April to July or have species later.

– How to prevent: Double spray regan insecticide (next time from 4 to 5 days before) to kill the worm.

10. Poinsettia flowers

The Poinsettia tree is characterized by the upper leaves being red and then gradually turning green, many people mistakenly believe that it is the flower of Poinsettia, but in fact it is not the leaves of Poinsettias at young and will gradually turn green when leaves mature, leaves grow around the body of Poinsettia. In addition, the plant also has white and light pink leaves but is rarely sold and favored by red leaves.

Plants often flower on Christmas, near Tet, small yellow flowers have a very funny look.

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