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How to Build a Polytunnel

How to Build a Polytunnel


How to Build a Polytunnel

How to Build a Polytunnel

In this video we show you how to build a polytunnel from Premier Polytunnels in the UK. Our customers often ask: “Will I be able to build my own polytunnel?” The answer is yes, you will! Building a polytunnel in your garden or on your allotment really is a two person job, so invite a willing friend to join you and get stuck in. (Construction of larger, commercial polytunnels may take longer and require an extra pair of hands).

The polytunnel in this video includes all of the following:

0:00 – Foundation Tubes

2:45 – Anchor Plates

5:28 – Assembling Hoops

6:26 – Fitting the Ridge

8:25 – Corner Stabilisers

12:35 – Crop Bars

14:12 – Triple Ridge Kit

17:33 – Assembling Dummy Door / End Frame

21:22 – Hanging the Dummy Door / End Frame

23:11 – Assembling a Single Hinged Door

26:02 – Hanging a Single Hinged Door

29:14 – Anti Hot Spot Tape

30:56 – Forming a rebate for your door frame

31:30 – Covering a Polytunnel using the Trenching method

38:10 – Overhead Irrigation Kit

41:08 – Ground Cover Kit

For individual construction videos, please see our Polytunnel Construction Videos playlist. Polytunnel Construction FAQ’s –… Discover more about Polytunnels on our website – – or call the team on 01282 811250.

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