Drip Irrigation. Drip irrigation

Which drip irrigation system is included?

The benefits of a drip irrigation system one of the things that garden caregivers cannot deny, are far more effective than using rubber hoses to water plants. Many people are concerned, what kind of equipment is this drip irrigation system, can this system be watered or not?

Drip irrigation systems are more efficient than traditional sprinkler systems because the principle of watering slowly brings water directly into the root zone, minimizing the amount of water lost by wind, flow, and evaporation.

Using a drip irrigation system is capable of significantly saving water, by directly watering the root zone, not the entire area of ​​trees and gardens. The drip irrigation works at a slow rate so that the roots penetrate the water, without wasting irrigation water.

Drip irrigation system includes the following components

  • Water filter – (BLF001)
  • Water valve or solenoid valve (VDF001)
  • Conduit types: PE 16mm pipes, PVC pipes, 5.6 mm PE pipes (PE1601)
  • Drip head (online drip – drip tip plugged on tube or inline drip – drip tip attached in tube)
  • Water tank or connected to water pipes in the house
  • And other accessories: fixed pipe steel wire

Benefits of owning smart plant irrigation systems

– Easy to install: The devices of this smart sprinkler system are available, just assembled into a complete system is usable. You can choose 2 ways: One is to buy the spare parts and then go home and install them yourself.
– Saving cost, time, effort: One month using smart watering system, surely you will see the number of water meter works will decrease significantly, so saving a lot of water, lots of money, especially, you won’t have to get up early, or after work, to irrigate the trees, that time is for your family.

Which drip irrigation system is included? - Rebuild Garden
Which drip irrigation system is included? – Rebuild Garden

Use a smart drip system today

Many people are busy and worried to take care of ornamental plants, owning a smart drip irrigation system saves a lot of time and effort. This system only needs initial investment to install, install the location, and help eliminate time-consuming tasks such as pulling water pipes around the garden, spraying the entire plant with water.

Especially, with higher technology, many drip irrigation systems use automatic control by computer, it only takes a few seconds to turn the system on and off, the timer automatically turns off, automatically opens ….

Maybe for some garden caregivers, smart drip irrigation systems cost too much money, you can see more articles shared by https://rebuildgarden.com/ to own the system. Homemade drip irrigation from surrounding materials, easy to find.

Benefits of a Drip Irrigation System

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