Landscaping Tips for your Front Yard

Landscaping Tips for your Front Yard

When you are ready to start landscaping your front yard, there are a number of concerns that you need to make. While many of these concerns are common concerns with your backyard, there are going to be some that are unique to the front yard. This article will start by covering the common concerns briefly before transitioning to the unique concerns in greater detail.

Common concerns include general concerns that you would have when taking on a project of this magnitude. These concerns include having the proper plans available when it comes to actually doing the landscaping as well as ensuring that the overall project can fall inside the budgetary restrictions that you have. Additionally, things like having the proper tools, having a design that works and having the knowledge to carry everything out would qualify as common concerns that you need to keep in the back of your mind when you are working on landscaping your front yard.

However, when you are working on the front yard, there are unique concerns that you have to deal with. Perhaps first and foremost amongst those concerns is going to be finding a way to deal with the outside influences that affect a front yard in a way that a backyard would be safe from. A good example of this would be people walking along the sidewalk right next to your front yard. These people might end up littering on your yard, stealing something from the yard or even stomping on the various parts of the yard that border the sidewalk (either intentionally or because it is dark and they cannot see where they are walking). Furthermore, people with pets such as dogs that are on a walk might cause organic litter in the form of dog feces to fall on your yard, something that almost everyone has had to deal with from time to time.

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It is very easy to dismiss these things as freak occurrences and to a certain extent it is true that most of these types of incidents are going to be isolated and not something you have to deal with on a consistent basis. However, what if a stomping act were to occur at the very place where you have installed an expensive plant that forms the centerpiece (or one of the visual foci) of your new landscaped front yard? Would you begrudge the amount of money you’d have to spend to replace it? The answer is probably yes, especially if that plant would have survived had it been placed further away from the sidewalk. For this reason, when you are drawing up the plans for your front yard, these are most definitely things you need to keep in mind.

As is usual with brief articles, these types of concerns are not the only ones that you need to have when dealing with your front yard. In the end though, thinking about these might allow you to brainstorm more front yard specific concerns that you can then use to create a better overall landscaping plan.


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