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October 29, 2022 by Mr.Garden

Hydroponics Farming How to Build & Design Hydroponic system At Home

Today I’m showing you step by step how to make DIY hydroponic system at home great for beginners, inexpensive grow kit 25 sites 5 pipes, very easy to setup great idea to do business make and sale online. I used PVC and UPVC , hydroponic garden or soilless cultivation homemade hydroponic system allow to grow and enjoy gardening
_If you interested in hydroponics you can check this videos
Hydroponic system using storage container :
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DIY hydroponic system :​
here is all the steps :
Are you looking to start a hydroponic garden?
And build your own system
You are at the right video
I’m going to show step by step
How to make a hydroponic system?
And Things required
How much it cost me
Here I’m at the local hardware store
We need 19 feet of 4’’ PVC pipe
Cut them into 5 pcs, each 1 miter long (3 feet)
Usually I ask the workers to cut the pipes
For the stand I’m going to use 25 mm PVC pipe
we need 22 feet long
Usually I ask for assistance
Make sure you have the right size before leaving the store
For the Grow tubes you need:
_ 5 pcs of 4’’ PVS pipe each 1 mitre
_ 1 end cap 4 “(110 mm)
For the stand you need:
I will list exactly what you need after I finish showing
the things you need from the store
first you need to connect the SOCKET to the both sides
Mark 10 cm from the end of the tube, then mark each 20 cm
Drill the holes
Now place the UPVC bush reducer
Place the end cap to one of the tubes
Take the 50 mm PVC PIPE AND CUT 3,5 inches
Total you need 9 PCs
Connect them all to the ELBOWS
And then to the tubes
1- Making the growing tubes
2- The bear the weight, you need a strong and balanced stand
I’m going to show how to make beautiful stand does not take big space
Take the 25 mm PVC pipe, measure and cut and connect the to tow TEE s
and make this shape
Total you need is 28 PCs
Make 8 PCs of this shape
Now create a stairs shape
Repeat the same process for the other
screw the connecting points

I do not recommend to use glue, when you screw you can dismantle the system anytime
Always remember that everything you make, make two of it.
Make the shape shown above
Now ensemble the two shapes together, connect them using the TEE and add 3,5 ‘’ PVC pipe + elbow
Always make double
Screw them all
Measure and cut the pipes (25 mm PVC pipe)
Connect them all
Measure the distance between the two TEEs facing each other and cut the pipe (20 inches)
Then you need to cut 2 PCs each 30 inches
Then cut those two pieces into two each 15 inches
Using these pieces that you cut create an H-shape and connect each end of the pipes with tee
Total you need: _ 4 PCs each 15 inches
_ 1 PCs 20 inches
cut another 4 PCs each 7 inches and connect them to the 25MM PVC END CAP
Join them to the H-shape.
Now the stand is complete ready to carry our grow tubes
Place your tubes
You need 4 PCs each 4 inches
Connect all the tubes together, and adjust them.
Test your system before using it, let tap water flow from one tube to another to make sure that there is no water leakage.
Perfecto, now the system ready to use.
Et voilà
I’m going to transfer this lettuce seedling from dirt to my hydroponic system
Clay pebbles
Add hydroponic liquid fertilizer
Thanks for Watching
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The total cost of this system is 55 USD
The cost may vary in your country, depending on
the price of the materials used
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October 29, 2022 by Mr.Garden

Hydroponic farm At home : Building DIY Hydroponic System

Learn How to make hydroponic system at home ,easy to build and perfect for beginners, an homemade hydroponic system set using PVC pipe 4” x 2” growing plants without soil in water & nutrient create the best urban Garden.
If you interested in hydroponics you can check this videos
Hydroponic system using storage container :
bitter gourd hydroponics ;
how to grow lettuce hydroponically:
DIY hydroponic system :
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